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Crop King Seeds

Crop King Marijuana Seeds is a Canada-based marijuana breeder which features 20 high quality cannabis strains in feminized, autoflowering, and regular varieties. The company has 30+ outlets in Canada and growing.

Crop King genetics can be purchased from any of their Canadian retailers or their online store.

420 Goody Box

420 Goody Box is a chockful of fun and sure to light up any smokin’ connoisseur’s day. Packed with goodies from the best indie brands around, it’s a discovery box handcrafted for those that live the smokin’ lifestyle.

420 Goody Box is delivered to your door once a month. You get cool new products and supplies and the latest goodies making the rounds. We’ve partnered with the best in the biz so you get first dibs on pure awesomeness. It’s got everything you need to let the good times roll. And that’s not all. We take indulgence to the highest level with the finest selection of smokin’ gear, swag. novelty items, munchies, magazines a

The The Vault

We’ll look after you: The Vault is FANATICAL about customer support and will always go the extra mile to deliver grade-A service at every stage of your shopping experience. Led by our passionate founders Jack and George, you can expect to get only the very best of help from your buddies here at The Vault
Nothing will ever stand between you and your cannabis seeds: We provide discreet stealth shipping options with guaranteed delivery to anywhere in the world at NO EXTRA COST to you!

Hail Mary Jane

Hail Mary Jane (HMJ) is one of the premier Cannabis Culture blogs on the Internet. We believe that stoners can be productive and live happy, fulfilling lives, while still contributing to society in a meaningful way. Our goal is to set a model for cannabis users to look up to in our actions as well as our consistency and to inform them about various new products, innovations, events, and services available in the cannabis industry. We are a resource that provides unbiased political and health information regarding cannabis and all the aspects of the cannabis consumer lifestyle, including but not limited to entertainment, culture and fashion. We believe in personal rights and freedoms and that all adults should have the right to make their own decisions about how to relax. Stay lifted.


Creative energy sprung the birth of Master Bong back in late 2008. When one day a fan tagged him as the McGyver of Pot, the name stuck and he’s been using it ever since.

Since then, he has been empowering millions with the information to create a pipe or bong out of anything! Fun and laughs flowed in abundance while we created the world’s first Bell Pepper Bubbler, Light Bulb Vaporizer and High Lighter Pipe.

Inspired by the positive feedback he has received, Master Bong created this Vlog to unite the marijuana community. This task at hand is my greater Goal. To have a community where we laugh, share and inspire with one another.

+ Graduated from Oaksterdam in 2008
+ Creating Devices for over a Decade
+ MasterBong has traveled to various regions sampling cannabis
Stoner Jesus
The Stoner Jesus Show, the greatest podcast of all time. Join SJ and his sidekick St. Peter as they bring radio to new heights of debauchery.
In our more serious moments we advocate for an end to The War on Cannabis users, the full and complete legalization of cannabis for all persons over 18 years of age and the release of all non-violent cannabis offenders from jail.